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There are many things that make a product successful. The quality of the product, customer demand, and market position are all things that every company knows they should focus on in order for their product to be successful.

One thing that companies often overlook, is that the product launch also contributes to a product’s success.

That being said, we thought we would share a few tips you could incorporate into your product launching process.

Before Launching Your Product…

Make sure you have a product manager
Even if they are not an actual product manager, designate someone to in charge of overseeing the launch. This way, you know everything will get done.

Prior to the launch, it is important for all team members to collaborate and make sure everyone is on the right track. Hold frequent team meetings and ensure the whole team has a means of communicating with one another.

Do not focus on lead generation
A product launch is simply a product launch, not a marketing initiative. It may be tempting to market your product launch, but you need to remember that people who have never heard of your product (or a similar product) will most likely ignore it. Instead, focus on spreading the word about the launch to your existing customers.

Train your sales and customer service teams
Prior to the launch, ensure the sales and customer service teams are familiar with the product and are ready to answer any questions about it.

Each team should have a mini-checklist
Ensure that the product, sales, marketing, and customer service teams have their own checklist of what they need to do before and during the launch.

Centralize the checklists
Put the launch checklists in a place where everyone can easily access it, for example in a shared document online, or import into collaborative project management software. This way, whenever the list is updated, it does not need to be re-sent to all team members. Take it a step further by encouraging all team members to keep everyone updated as they cross things off their list.

Outline the big day
Preparation, detail, and timing are all factors that make a product launch successful. Write out a minute-by-minute rundown of what will happen on launch day, and ensure all team members are aware of it.

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