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Product management and marketing explained

When it comes to defining the roles of product management and marketing, many are often confused as to how to do so. This is because these roles vary from company to company. Generally, the role of the product manager is to deal with products at all stages of the product lifecycle. This entails planning, forecasting, and marketing. Product marketers, on the other hand, deal with marketing the product to customers and prospects.

As product development evolves, product management and marketing roles are becoming harder to define. As blogger Bruce McCarthy explains, “sometimes product managers are part of the marketing department, sometimes they are part of Development. Sometimes their primary job is developing products and sometimes it is helping sell them. Sometimes they are called product managers and sometimes product marketing managers.”

Should product management and marketing roles be combined?

Companies are constantly debating whether product management and marketing roles should be combined, or kept as two separate tasks. While both roles share similar tasks, the majority of people seem to agree that these roles should not be combined. According to Marty Cagan of the Silicon Valley product group, “every product needs a single, accountable product manager, responsible for the product definition…the problem with combining the product manager role with product marketing is that it is very hard to find someone who can do both types of jobs well. Each of these roles is critical, and each requires special skills and talents. Creating a product is much different than telling the world about that product.”

OneDesk: Helpful for product management and marketing

Seeing that the roles of product managers and product marketers are busy ones, it can be challenging for them to find the right software to work with, especially if the roles are combined.

OneDesk helps both product management and marketing by providing tools that can be used for both roles. Product managers often need to create product requirements documents (PRD); they may also be required to help product markers create marketing requirements document, (MRD), which is used as source for the product management to develop the PRD.

One of the main things OneDesk is useful for is that it lets users easily create or import requirements documents. It allows team members to collaboratively capture, validate, trace and maintain product and service requirements. They can then analyze the requirements based on strategic business goals, customer satisfaction, ROI, profitability & popularity.

OneDesk also allows product managers to keep the whole team on the same page and monitor the product development process, keep track of the team’s progress and take quick corrective action when required. More information on how OneDesk helps product managers meet their challenges can be found here.

OneDesk will soon be releasing new capabilities that will help product marketers make their jobs much easier – keep an eye out for them soon!

Requirement analysis for product management and marketing
OneDesk allows the product management and marketing teams to manage, analyze, and create requirements and requirements documents.

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