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Product management: Evolving and going social

The web and it’s infusion of social media is changing the way product managers work. “Social product management“ is a rapidly-evolving technique that product managers are increasingly adopting.

product management and social cusotmers

Social product management means opening up a business to innovation by gathering input from internal and external sources throughout the product development process. Hence, the customer plays a big role in providing feedback and helping organizations in their co-creation processes. The social web has greatly impacted the way customers voice their opinions. They all have something to say, and therefore, are talking about companies, products, services, and brands on the social web. The “social customer,” should therefore become part of the product development process. In order to maximize innovation, businesses should reach out to customers on the social web.

Social product management / social customer blogs you must read

In order to help you understand the concept of social product management, and how important it is to involve the social customer, we thought we would refer you to the following blogs, all written by experts one the topic. Click on the links below and check them out!

The Social Customer
This blog’s tagline is “The world’s best thinkers on CRM and customer service.” The posts provide answers to interesting questions, such as “When does customer service start and stop,” as well as explores different tactics businesses can turn to to enhance customer experience and build a stronger business, most with social point-of-view.

The Social Customer Manifesto
This blog, by Christopher Carfi, senior strategist of Ant’s Eye View, has been named “Best CRM Blog” by and InsideCRM. He provides his opinion on various social customer and social business cases.

Brian Solis – Defining the Convergence of Media and Influence
Brian Solis is the author of Engage! a new and acclaimed book on social media and business. His blog will help businesses understand the social web, and how different businesses are being affected by web 2.0.

Where the Project Management Tribe Gathers
In this blog, product leader Jim Holland relies on his experience in product management and product marketing and preaches about best practices in the field.

Do you have a favorite blog that discusses social product management or the social customer? Share it with us, and our readers!


  1. Jim Holland

    Feel free to add my blog to your list. I focus on building product management best practices while using 20 years of B2B product management and product marketing experience

    • Kimberley Chan

      Hi Jim,
      Thank you for letting me know about your blog. I took a look at it and I think our readers can learn a few things from you. As you can see, I have added your blog to my list.

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