OneDesk for Product Management

OneDesk's product management software allows you to easily capture and manage ideas, stories, & requirements. Manage product hierarchies and share projects, roadmaps and plans.

Product hierarchy

Organize products and releases into product families, portfolios and more.

Product Roadmapping

Show product plans on a timeline to share with customers, teams, and executives.

Innovation management

Capture and score and rank ideas from customers, team members, and business partners.

Dashboards & Reports

Real-time dashboards and printable, shareable, reports.

Importing & exporting

You can always get your data in and out of OneDesk if you need to manipulate it in a spreadsheet or document.

Requirements management

Centralize requirements management activities. Trace requirements to customers and initiatives.

Capture Product Feedback

A complete toolkit to capture feedback and ideas from customers, team members and business partners including a website portal and email capture. Take each idea through a defined life-cycle to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.


Product Roadmaps & Calendars

Generate your product, release, portfolio, or project roadmaps dynamically. Accurately analyze past release information and plan for future releases.


Requirements management

Develop, manage, and assign requirements from one application. Easily discuss, elaborate and share supporting documents with product teams.


Feature Prioritization & Idea Scoring

Use the prioritization tool to make informed, validated decisions about new features and product ideas. Score and compare across weighted metrics including: Popularity, Priority, ROI and Ease-of-Effort.


Collaborate on and validate product details and requirements

Discuss and share project and product details with internal team members or customers. Address stakeholders’ concerns before work starts.


Organize your product portfolio

Create product hierarchies and easily plan out and manage multiple products, product families, releases, features, components, modules or whatever else you need to manage. OneDesk adapts to your product structure and naming conventions.


Present product plans to teams and executives

Share your product plans with confidence at your next meeting. Easily import and export data and create reports in just a few clicks.

product management flow

A Mobile App – For Quick Updates

The OneDesk mobile app gives users access to their OneDesk account on the go. Your team can discuss, update, and log timesheets on tasks and tickets directly from their phone. It even has a built-in work timer.

mobile app for project management

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