Product management system that connects peopleWhile the product manager’s role varies from industry to industry, one thing remains the same; product managers are very busy people. Product managers are responsible for, well, developing products. This involves defining the product strategy and roadmap, performing market research, staying on top of industry trends, communicating with third parties and bridging the gap between customers, employees and partners. In a world where corporate competition is fierce, product managers are increasingly relying on the right product management system in order to build a stronger connection between all parties, stay organized, and successfully develop products that the market wants.

Benefits of using a product management system

Product managers have many challenges to meet. With the help of a good product management system, product managers will have an easier time meeting their business goals. This results in many benefits for the company, including:

  • Lowering costs by reducing costly customer visits, market research and consulting fees.
  • Spending less time on communication between all parties.
  • Maximizing revenue and profit by developing products that the market is willing to pay for.

Using OneDesk as a product management system

Since there are many choices, product managers most likely have a hard time choosing which product management system to use. At OneDesk, our goal is to provide you an easy solution that will make your job easier.

OneDesk allows product managers to deal with many challenges, including:

Strengthening communication and getting quick answers:
OneDesk enables customers, partners and employees to submit and share ideas, participate in discussions, vote on feedback and answer polls. Product managers can get quick answers to critical product questions by querying all stakeholders for their opinion.

Easily managing requirements:
With OneDesk, product managers can quickly develop a product requirements document and connect it to their backlog of ideas, support cases, open questions and more. They can then easily transform requirements into development tasks, and streamline the development of customer-driven products and get them to market faster.

Connecting the whole team.
OneDesk helps product managers monitor the product development process, keep track of the team’s progress and take quick corrective action when required. They can also keep the whole product team on the same page using collaboration tools, and structure the conversation between members.

If you are looking for a product management system, why not try OneDesk out for free today?


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