Developing product plans can be challenging

There is no doubt that building a product roadmap can substantially increase your chances of bringing your product to market faster and in a more cost effective manner. Nevertheless, the product planning process can be quite daunting. Large volumes of data is collected and it is up to the product manager to mine through all of it. To add to the complexity and pressure, product managers are  often tasked with presenting these product plans to the rest of the team. The question is: How can product managers effectively communicate the potential value of a project to an entire organization?

OneDesk Webinars: Building data-driven product plans

In our latest webinar, we explore this question and introduce roadmapping and release management within OneDesk. Combined, these two integrated applications enable you to make better long and short term decisions regarding your product plans based on product data and customer insight, without ever losing sight of an organization’s overall goals and strategic product vision.

Watch this video to learn more:

Building a Data-Driven Product Roadmap

Want to take these roadmapping and release management tools for a test drive? Sign-up for a free OneDesk account to get started.

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