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Expanding your online network of product professionals

iStock_000014168184XSmall-300x221So, 2013 is the year you’ve decided to become more social? Great. The Internet is constantly providing new tools for cultivating and capitalizing on those networks. It provides an endless opportunities to engage with individuals who can bring fresh new ideas and add a whole new perspectives to your current beliefs, opinions and ideas. Quora is a great tool for social networking. In fact, there are thousands of product professionals, innovation experts, social business gurus on Quora, online right now asking and answering questions related to ideas, challenges and issues surrounding product development and product management. The question is, who should you follow? And more importantly, why should you follow them?

Product professionals on Quora

Here is a list of some of the most insightful and knowledgeable product professionals on Quora:

1. Ian McAllister: He leads unusual projects at Amazon.
2. Cliff Gilley: Technologist, Product Manager, Lawyer, and all-around fun guy.
3. Peter Deng: Product Director extraordinaire at Facebook.
4. Michael Wolfe: Founder of startup, Pipewise.
5. Rich Mirinov: Startup veteran, mentor and author.
6. Geoffrey Anderson: Seasoned Product Management professional.
7. Peter Scharnell: Software Product Management.
8. Scott Selhorst: Seasoned Product Management aficionado.

New additions:
9. Scott Gilbert: Product Guy.

Reasons why you should follow them:

1. They are not only asking questions, but they frequently contribute new perspectives to discussions by providing answers to questions as well.
2. They demonstrate a breadth of knowledge and possess experience in the areas of product management and development, project management, and business.
3. They are simply awesome.

Did I miss anyone? Feel free to share your suggestions with our readers and I will add them to the list.

Happy networking!


  1. Catherine Constantinides

    Keep up the great questions/answers on Quora, Geoff! Do you have any other product people you would like to add to the list?



  2. Catherine Constantinides

    Thanks for the link, Scott. I see you are also on Quora- I hope you do not mind that I added your profile to the list.



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