Product roadmapping gives your team precious certainty in an otherwise uncertain world.

Living in our fast-paced, hyper-connected, always-on and ever-changing world, it can be a challenge to find a firm position to prop your back against and take in precisely how the whirring of the cogs at hand, fit into the picture of the bigger machine.

As the pace of technological innovation accelerates and fractures across multiple eco systems, consumers are drawn in a dizzying array of directions, whilst multi-focused answers to product conundrums battle problem-specific solutions on a field that is changing month by month.

More than ever – clarity and certain perspective is appreciated. And, incase you hadn’t seen where we were going with this – that’s where product roadmapping can step in.

Product Roadmapping: clarify direction, controlling expectations

Good product roadmapping acts as a whole company overview — aligning your current progress against future plans and the fluctuating demands and requirements of the turbulent market.

The same product roadmapping diagrams which used to be static statements of future goals can now be assembled dynamically from the moving parts of a project whilst it’s in progress (given the right product roadmapping tools of course).

The increased functionality of the modern roadmap allows it to be both a statement of future goals, and an active working representation of a project in process.

Is product 1.3 nearing completion ahead of schedule? Great, zoom out in the roadmap to a high level overview, see what projects are coming up next and start dropping data into them, all within the roadmap view.

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