The importance of creating a good product roadmap

“A good roadmap is a useful product management tool: it informs the business, guides our tactics, and prevents us from getting distracted.”
– Paul Young, Product Beautiful

Challenges in developing a product roadmap

Like any other business initiative, developing and following a product roadmap presents challenges. For instance, developing a realistic product roadmap requires the active input and close collaboration throughout the product development process of many individuals from different departments and across functions. Managing the often conflicting objectives and priorities of multiple inputs becomes difficult. Take the element of wanting to reduce production costs: R&D wants to develop a productroadmapproduct within budget constraints and keep costs low, whereas Marketing may want to respond to market needs by enhancing the product with the addition of new features, which increases production costs. A well designed roadmap will help manage these differences and achieve positive outcomes.

OneDesk helps to align your process with your product roadmap

With OneDesk, you can keep your product development efforts organized and keep all stakeholders focused on the product roadmap. The core applications include customer feedback management, requirements analysis and project management applications that allow you to collaborate with stakeholders inside and outside the organization, and centralize all your product management efforts in one single place.

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