Project issue tracking and task management: A combined view

What makes OneDesk stand out from all the other issue reporting and task management applications out there, is the ability for project teams to optionally view all of their assigned issues and tasks in one single, complete view. Now, you can easily take control of all of your issues, and more importantly, manage all of your communications with stakeholders throughout the course of the project. Issues and tasks can also be created from feedback, and/or requirements. With the issues and task grid its easy to view information about each item. Finally, get collaborative! With OneDesk you can hold discussions with internal team members and have them submit project worklogs.

Project issue tracking tools make the issues and task management process easier. They enable you and your project team to:

  • Track defects and issues (ok, that’s easy)
  • Create a repository for both your issues and tasks so they dont get lost or fall through the cracks
  • Monitor trends related to your product
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the state of your product

Watch the following video to learn more:


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