OneDesk for Project Management

OneDesk's project management software provides online team collaboration and project tracking.

OneDesk for Project Management

Plan your projects

Plan out the work, cost, assignments and schedule.

Discussions & team collaboration

Discuss tasks & issues with your team and customers.

Time Tracking

Capture hours worked using timesheets or work timers.

Track tasks and issues together

Plan and track all work together in a consolidated view.

Gantt Charts

Schedule your tasks and projects on a timeline.


Generate and export the reports you need.

Create, Plan and Track Your Projects

OneDesk’s project management software covers the full project lifecycle. You can create all the projects you need and easily input your tasks. Then plan the work, assignments, cost, and schedule. When work gets started, OneDesk provides the project management tools to track the work and progress as it happens.

Create, plan and track your projects

Share your projects

In OneDesk you can share projects with the whole team, specific team members, or keep them private. You can even share projects with your customers. Everyone sees only what interests them and can work together to get work done.

Share your projects

Gantt Charts

Create links between tasks and visually compare project plans to work in progress. Create dependencies, constrain dates, and generate schedules with automatic CPM calculations.

Gantt Charts

Assign Tasks to Teams & Team Members

View your resources’ workload and easily reassign tasks for optimal time management and work distribution between teams and members.

Assign tasks to teams & team members

Get Everyone on the Same Page

Keep the whole team in the loop (including customers) with built-in project collaboration, real-time discussions, and email notifications on tasks and projects.

Get everyone on the same page

Track Work in Real-Time

Make logging work easy with simple timesheets and task timers. You can even do it from your phone with our mobile app. Entered time is automatically rolled up so you can easily compare actual work to the project plan.

Track work in real-time

Agile Meets Waterfall

View your tasks in a hierarchy or as a Kanban board. Get a big picture of your projects, stories, and iterations and plan them out visually. Change the status of any item or project with the drag-and-drop feature. Move user stories from your backlog or between projects. KPIs, roadmaps, and charts update dynamically and let you know how your projects are progressing.

Agile Meets Waterfall

View Tasks and Issues Together

Make sure your plans account for everything by organizing new tasks alongside issues and defect fixes.

View tasks and issues together

View What You Need the Way You Want

Create and save custom views of your tasks to show exactly what you need. Create lists, calendars, roadmaps, Gantt charts, and card-views. Add columns, filters, grouping, and sorting.

View what you need the way you want

Generate Reports

Export your data by using our pre-created report templates or customize your own. Automatically schedule and email Excel or PDF documents.

Generate reports

A Mobile App – For Quick Updates

The OneDesk mobile app gives users access to their OneDesk account on the go. Your team can discuss, update, and log timesheets on tasks and tickets directly from their phone. It even has a built-in work timer.

mobile app for project management

Dashboards and Charts

Dashboards and charts give an overview of your projects at any level: individual project, a portfolio of projects, or everything. You can even create and save your own dashboard views.

Dashboards and charts

Optimize Project Timeline with Smart Scheduling

Ensure your project’s schedule is efficient with OneDesk’s smart scheduling. With the click of a button, perform CPM calculations, taking into consideration the project start date, finish-to-start links, and date constraints to create the optimal project schedule.


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