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Project prioritization: Because projects don’t exist in a vacuum

In a perfect world, projects would exist in a sealed environment and would develop and unfold from start to finish, without any interruptions. Unfortunately, in the real project management world, things rarely work that way. If something can go wrong, then it probably will.

One of the most important elements in project management is therefore proper project prioritization. This means, being able to decide and select projects as well as determine critical factors like funding, time and cost estimates, project viability and potential on a continuous basis. To add to the complexity, economic pressures force organizations to tighten the belt on their budgets, project managers need to find more cost effective ways to meet turbulent, shifting market demands from customers.

OneDesk eases your project prioritization troubles

Naturally, project prioritization is essential, as projects are continuously added, changed or removed throughout the course of the product development life cycle. What is needed is an adaptable project prioritization process that enables project teams to dynamically update and re-prioritize projects and tasks as needed.

Project prioritization and other fun task planning tools

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