Good project tracking: Continuously spotting red flags

Throughout the course of our professional lives we experience different situations that help shape our decision-making abilities. The more we get involved in project management, the more we learn about the importance of organization, timing and most importantly, the ability to identify any project management “red flags” that indicate that action may be acquired. By identifying these red flags in advance, organizations will be better equipped to spot problematic items when they arise and take preventative steps to prevent these red flag from escalating into a costly project management mistake.
project tracking

Identify red flags with OneDesk’s project tracking tools

OneDesk facilitates project management with helpful project tracking tools.
The videos below show you how you can use the project tracking applications to:

  • Compare your planned values and your actual values.
  • Determine whether your tasks/projects are on or behind schedule.
  • Track your projects’ budgets and determine whether they over or under budget.
  • View your projects’ projected durations and get an idea of when they will be completed.
  • Track standard project management metrics such as planned value, earned value and much more.


Check them out here:

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