Projects cost analysis: Helps prevent problems

When carried out early-on, projects cost analysis, planning, estimation and tracking help prevent problems during any project’s lifecycle.

OneDesk offers several features that helps with the projects cost analysis and estimation processes. Here’s a quick overview:

Project cost planning and estimation

Plan out your project costs by entering a single cost for each task or issue in the project. You can indicate whether the cost is an estimate, or even request a cost estimate from one of your team members with the click of a button.

Cost-benefits analysis

OneDesk’s requirements applications features a comprehensive requirements analysis tool. Analyze your requirements based on popularity, customer satisfaction, strategic goals and of course, ROI. OneDesk’s Costs/benefits analysis chart allows you to easily view all cost and revenue information about your requirements. By looking at a cost/benefits analysis chart, you will be able to tell if you can afford to implement a requirement and estimate how much profit your company will make from it.

projects cost analysis
Cost/benefits analysis chart in OneDesk’s requirements management application

Budget tracking

Track cost variance and determine whether your project is under or over budget. Projects cost analysis is easy with OneDesk’s budget tracking tool; you can see all your tasks and issues in a single grid, and track the budgeted cost of work so far, as well as predict budgets, estimates, and variances at completion.

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