Open the doors to your customers by allowing them to provide feedback

Whether you are venturing into a new market, re-branding an existing product or introducing a new one, your organization needs to give customers a vehicle to provide feedback. Also, in order to build better products and services, and deliver them to market faster than competitors, you need to work collaboratively with your major source of critical information—your customers. Let them provide feedback that ensures you are on target with customer needs. It’s just that simple.

What happens when customers provide feedback?

There is much to be gained when customers provide feedback to key people in your organization.

Here are six ways that your company benefits:

1. Ideas that come directly from customers serve to create new products or to introduce important innovations to existing ones.

2. Customer ideas and insights can ensure you create products and services that meet changing market needs.

3. Business opportunities and sales leads can also come from customer feedback, as they provide valuable information about competitors and other users of your products and services…and we all know the multiplier effect of a satisfied loyal customer!

4. Insight from customers regarding product usability and functionality is critical for the design and development team, as product reiterations and subsequent production costs can be significantly reduced.

5. Customer issues, problems and concerns communicated through feedback gets your teams focused on correcting problems so that customer satisfaction levels increase, even when problems arise. Addressing customer problems early and efficiently decreases defections to the competition and negative publicity.

6. Your teams can gain market data and increase understanding of a particular customer demographic by having customers vote on polls and suggestions.

When customers can provide feedback it sends the message to the marketplace that someone is actually listening and cares about their needs. This strengthens brand loyalty and helps to increase sales and customer engagement as well as retention — all critical elements that can have a positive impact on your ROI.

Customers can provide feedback using OneDesk

OneDesk’s enterprise level product management technology is designed with the needs of customers and all stakeholders in mind. This highly sophisticated product development tool consists of several social business applications that transform passive customers into participative and collaborative members of the product development process.

OneDesk is loaded with features that help you to get the job done. Here are just a few of the many ways OneDesk helps you facilitate enterprise collaboration:

Customer Community Building:OneDesk’s customer portal creates an environment for customers and all stakeholders where ideas can be exchanged and feedback can be provided in a timely manner. By creating a community, ensures customers view the product road map and remain in the loop so that they can interact and fuel product innovation through their ideas, suggestions and other feedback.

Tools for Feedback, Requirements and Project Management: For customer feedback to be effective organizations need to integrate it into the entire product and service process so that it actually affects change. OneDesk has easy to use feedback and ideas management, requirements management and project management software that funnels customer input and feature requests into the product and service development process. This helps to makes improvements to existing products and services and new product innovation easier to implement.

provide feedback

Keep your pulse on changing customer needs. See OneDesk in action by signing up for a free account now!

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