OneDesk includes a customer portal that you can use to interact with your customers, and provide them with an interface access to their tickets and discuss them with you. The customer portal also acts as a knowledge base where you can publish articles you want to share with your customers. Regardless of how you want to use it you should put it on your website for your customers to find. There are a few different ways to do this, which I will discuss from easiest to most difficult.

1. Put the widget on your website.

The widget puts a side-tab on your website. When a visitor clicks it, it opens the customer portal in a popup.

To put the widget on your website you need to paste a javascript snippet before the body closing tag on each page you want it to appear. You can find your snippet inside the administration panel of your OneDesk account, under Administration > Customer Apps. Click the “Generate Snippet” link.

You can just copy and paste this snippet as is, but there are a few options you may want to configure which are pretty self-explanatory. you can change the text (text), position on the page (position, offset), colors (overlayBgColor, bgColor, bgColorHover), font (fontSize, fontColor, fontColorHover). Don’t change the org_name since this is what sets it to your own customer portal.

odconfig.text = ‘feedback’;
odconfig.position = ‘left’; // valid options are: top, bottom, left, right
odconfig.offset = 300; // offset from the end of the button, numbers only!
odconfig.overlayBgColor = ‘black’;
odconfig.bgColor = ‘blue’; // color of the button
odconfig.bgColorHover = ‘#ADD8E6’; // color of the hovered button
odconfig.fontSize = 22; // size of the font, numbers only!
odconfig.fontColor = ‘white’;
odconfig.fontColorHover = ‘white’;
odconfig.org_name = ‘yourOrgURI’; // don’t change this!

2. Put the portal in an iframe.

An iframe allows you to embed one web page inside another.
Put an iframe tag on your web page and for the source (src) use the link to your OneDesk customer portal. You can find that link under “Administration > Customer Portal” and there is a link near the page title. Follow that link and copy the destination URL.

When using an iframe, don’t forget to set the width and height of the frame size.

3. Put the portal on your own domain.

When a user opens the OneDesk customer portal from your website they are actually browsing If you would like to keep the portal under your own domain, you can do so by adding your OneDesk portal page as a CNAME record on your domain registrar. Doing this requires you to be able to log in to your domain registrar and follow the instructions. For example, if your domain is registered to Godaddy, you would need to follow the instructions here if it is Namecheap, the instructions are here.

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