It is no secret that in today’s marketplace, nothing less than exceptional quality customer service will drive quality customer satisfaction. Innovative organizations know that they must go beyond meeting the needs of customers and provide high quality service that consistently exceeds expectations. Customer relationships must be built, maintained and enriched at more profound levels than in the past.

Drive quality customer satisfaction by delivering more value

In a recent blog post, Product Management Expert Veronica Figarella, discusses the key factors of quality satisfaction that are outlined by Leonard Berry in the book ‘Competing Through Quality’. According to Berry 5 essential factors fuel high levels of customer satisfaction:

1. Reliability

2. Responsiveness

3. Assurance

4. Empathy

5. Tangibles

Quality customer satisfaction with OneDesk

Organizations can have a direct impact on each of these factors. They can create a customer–centric culture and then equip teams with the right tools to fuel high satisfaction levels. They can win customers away from competitors, provide an exceptional high quality customer experience, and transform every customer into a loyal brand advocate. OneDesk features a multitude of tools to help you engage with your customers, understand their needs, elaborate the details of their feedback and pipe it directly into the product development process. Our tools help you meet your customer needs and exceed their expectations with every customer interaction.

Question for further discussion: Do you have experience with the factors that Berry highlights? What key drivers do you believe truly help promote quality customer satisfaction?

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