In OneDesk there are a large number of options that allow you to configure the software to behave in just the way you want it to. However, most of these options are non-critical and only need to be tweaked along the way, as you decide you want to change the way some things work. Out-of-the-box, OneDesk is almost ready to go to work for you, but you do need to take a few actions and provide a bit of information to get fully configured. That’s why OneDesk comes with a ‘Quick Setup’ wizard to get you up and running as quickly as possible. It should take you less than 4 minutes.


Step 0 – Thanks for signing up.

account setup


Step 1 – Tell us about yourself.

help desk setup - you

What information you need to complete:

When you signed up, we already captured your name and email address. On this step, you can correct any typos and most importantly add a profile pic.

How it is used in OneDesk:

We use your name and profile throughout the app. You will see it when you are assigned, when you make a comment, and in the top right corner of your screen when you log in.


Step 2 – Tell us about your company.

helpdesk setup - about your company

What information you need to complete:

We confirm your company name, and ask you for your ‘support email address’ (the email address your customers/end-users currently send support requests to), email signature, and company logo.

How it is used in OneDesk:

Your company name and logo are used to identify your company to your users and customers in your emails, customer portal, chat app, reports, and more. It is important to fill this in to provide the best experience for your customers.

The ‘Support Email Address’ is the email address you currently receive support requests from. We use this to set up your email configuration and to prevent email loops from occurring.

Your email signature is used at the end of every email we send on your behalf. You can put what you want here, but generally it contains your company’s contact information.


Step 3 – Invite your team.

helpdesk setup - invite your team

What information you need to complete:

Here you can add the first name, last name and email addresses of the team members you work with. Unless you work alone, you will want to get others on-board to help you support customers, collaborate and work on projects together.

How it is used in OneDesk:

When you click “Send Invitations”, we send emails to your team members with a link for them to sign into their OneDesk accounts.


Final Instructions

helpdesk setup - final instructions

What information you need to complete:

Here we just ask for the email address of a technical person (it may be you) to whom we can send the instructions on how to set up the two things you need to do on your end.

How it is used in OneDesk:

We send an email with the instructions to the email you provide. These instructions tell how to auto-forward/redirect your support email, and how to put your customer supports apps on your website. You can re-send this email later if you require, but please allow a couple of minutes for the email to arrive (don’t worry, it’s on its way). The full text of the email (as of April 2020) is as follows:

These instructions have been sent to you by {sender’s name} to help you finalize your OneDesk set-up.

There are 2 final steps to get a fully set up OneDesk account. They are:

1. Auto-forward your support email address:
Once this is done, you will automatically start capturing tickets and customers when new emails arrive.

2. Put the customer apps on your site:
Once this is done, you will be able to easily add customer-facing apps for live-chat, ticket portal, knowledge base, and ticket forms.


Auto-forwarding your support emails
To start capturing tickets from email, log into your administration area for the email address {the email you provided earlier} and create an auto-forward rule to automatically send new emails to tickets@{yourURI} Once done, any message received at email address [the email you provided earlier} will automatically create a ticket in your OneDesk account.

How to auto-forward your email if you use Outlook or Gmail/Gsuite

Putting the Customer Apps on your website
To put the OneDesk customer apps on your website, just add the following script to one or more pages of your website before the body closing tag :

If you would like the apps on all pages of your website, we recommend adding the script to your page footer.

If your website is on WordPress, you could use the WordPress plugin

If your website is on Joomla, you could use the Joomla plugin

After these two steps are complete, your OneDesk account is fully set up. If you need assistance in completing these steps please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

The OneDesk Team
Toll-free: 1-855-ONE-DESK (663-3375)
Tel: +1 514-731-6878

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