The second October 2021 release of OneDesk went live on October 30th 2021 and included the following new features and enhancements.

Simpler Workflows for Services Companies

Many of the companies we serve perform professional services for their business customers. We have added a set of enhancements to make their workflows easier and reduce the steps they needed to take to set up a new customer.

Now when they work on projects or tickets for their customers, they can get set up in just a couple of steps. They can now:

  • Associate a Customer Organization with a project at the time they create it.
  • Automatically create new Customer Orgs and Customer records, whenever a new ticket arrives.
  • Automatically route new tickets to a Customer Org’s ‘Incoming Tickets’ project
  • View projects grouped by Customer Organization with one click
  • See KPIs on the Customer Org detail panel that roll up the projects the Org is following.

The New Features that enable this workflow include:

  • New Views and Grouping options for projects. Group by project followers: Customer (individual), Customer Organization, User (individual), Team
  • Easily add a Customer org to the project on the Project Creation Form
  • We visually divided user and customer followers on the item and project detail panels.
  • A new Automation action can move tickets to customer projects (or create one if necessary)

“Auto-forward addresses” as ticket queues

OneDesk already enabled you to create incoming ticket queues based off of ‘ticket types’, where each auto-forward address may have forwarded to a different type. Now you can have an additional option where you can auto-forward to the same address and OneDesk will detect the address from where it was auto-forwarded (queue) and allow you to add routing logic based on this. For example:

  • can be auto-forwarded to and create a ticket in the HR queue
  • can be auto-forwarded to and create a ticket in the IT queue.

Once the ticket is received you can route to a project, assign, auto-respond, change status/type/SLA/etc. based on the queue.

Enhancements to the Ticket Portal (beta)

We continue to roll out new features and enhancements to our new Items portal. In this release we have added the following new features:

  • You can select your Organization when logging in
  • Users can create timesheets from task/tickets
  • Users can run the task timer
  • A new search engine
  • Custom fields are available on the webforms and detail panel.

Let us know if you would like more information on the new Mobile-Friendly Customer Apps.

Re-Ordering of Subtasks

The recently added ‘subtasks’ feature has also received an update. Now you can drag and drop to re-order the subtasks on the parent’s detail panel.

Plus over 130 bug fixes and enhancements.

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