Upcoming Requirements Engineering Conferences

Requirements engineering events are hard to find. There are only a handful of events that take place every year. Here is a list of future requirements engineering conferences happening all around the world:

1. The 22nd IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference -Karlskrona, Sweden (August 25-29 2014): This conference aims to address two main elements of innovation: Innovation in Requirements Engineering & Innovation through Requirements Engineering.

2. The Requirements Management Conference: Bridging Gaps – Munich, Germany (Mar 10-13 2014): Meet like-minded people, get an overview of products, services, within a few days and learn about the latest developments on Methodology: For more than 10 years, meets at REConf the “Who’s Who” of requirements engineering.The REConf (Requirements Engineerinrequirements engineering conferencesg Conference) is the largest and most established conference in the German-speaking area, whith a focus and theme that centers around requirements management concepts, methods and principles.

3. 20th International Working Conference on Requirements Engineering- Essen, Germany (April 7-10 2014): A well established, interactive conference, REFSQ is easily one of the best forums to exchange ideas around requirements engineering. More specifically how requirements engineering ties in with quality.

Who should attend these requirements engineering conferences?

  • Developers/IT professionals
  • New product development/product management
  • Engineers
  • Innovation managers


Know of any other requirements engineering conferences happening next year? Please share them with our readers!

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