helpdesk for the FMCG Industry

The right helpdesk for the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry (FMCG)

In today’s market, consumer goods change quickly.  What was cutting edge technology yesterday, is practically today’s bear claws and chisels.  Cellular phones change, televisions change, computers change.  How does the consumer adjust to the new operating system?  How does she figure out how to connect the new, Internet-ready flat screen TV to her cable system?

All of this change has a tremendous impact on the consumer.  Processes and configurations options change, seemingly day to day, literally month to month.  Something as seemingly simple as connecting a Bluetooth® headset to your phone can become very frustrating as you try to figure out what to do first.

How a helpdesk impacts consumer goods marketing and improvements

That’s when a helpdesk for the FMCG industry, with a well trained staff can have a significant impact on consumer goods marketing and improvements. Are the technicians appropriately trained and able to provide solutions quickly and accurately?  Is the helpdesk building a database, capturing the usual issues with a product?  Creating a problems database allows you to view the issues in many different ways, enabling the marketers to identify the frequently encountered problem – and its solution.

Equipped with this kind of information, marketing can provide consumer product developers with the information they need to improve the product.  The company is also able to generate a list of frequently asked questions, answering questions for simpler issues and freeing up the technicians time to address more complicated problems.

How a helpdesk impacts contract orders and other customer requirements

Contract orders will require the helpdesk management to sort tickets by client.  The use of an effective helpdesk web page provides the users the ability to input their own issues, receive information from the helpdesk personnel or the marketing team, and to access updated sets of frequently asked question for a specific product.

Helpdesk data (how long did it take to address the issue, how many issues per period of time, etc.) can easily support Service Level Agreements with contract clients.

Does the user need a “loaner”?  This can be coordinated through a helpdesk for the FMCG industry.  Are other people experiencing the same difficulties?  Are they random or is there a pattern to the difficulties?

How a helpdesk impacts internal company structure and simplifies workflows

The internal impact on the company producing the products must be one that allows difficulties, flaws, and other problems to be identified, addressed, and resolved, capturing critical information about the flaws and problems.  The issues and their resolutions should be tracked to help your company avoid reinventing the wheel.  This requires the free flow of information between departments; something that can be facilitated by a helpdesk.

We’ve got you covered

OneDesk can provide you with the tools to meet all of these requirements.  Custom fields, sort capabilities, the ability to assign, reassign, and update tickets, and to track the time required to address the tickets, all contribute to making OneDesk the helpdesk for the FMCG industry application for you.  The cloud based option means you can support users anywhere and at any time.  And it allows you to provide that support quickly, before the user gets frustrated, before their impression of the product declines, hurting your product image and ultimately hurting your sales.

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