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Everything about SaaS Helpdesk Solutions

Software as a Service (SaaS) – what is it, why is it growing in popularity, and how can it support your helpdesk operations?

It comes in several variations: DBaaS, IaaS, and PaaS. Together, these variations are known as “The Cloud” or “Cloud Computing”.

Increasingly popular, SaaS helpdesk solutions have the ability to meet the needs of its clients. With SaaS, you can access your tools from almost anywhere in the world. SaaS supports your users’ needs, usually more cheaply than purchasing, installing, configuring, and maintaining your own software. It’s in the Cloud. Helpdesk systems provided by SaaS can be an ideal solution to those seeking to run an effective operation.

Why everybody is using SaaS today.

SaaS helpdesk solutions have the advantage of creating a de facto enterprise-wide helpdesk capability. Even if the technicians are separated geographically, they are all tied to a single helpdesk application, a web-based application that doesn’t require the installation of client/server software on every technician’s computer. It’s an on-demand helpdesk capability.

If all of your applications operate within the SaaS environment, or in the cloud, integrating applications is much easier.

Applications that maintain backlogs or that manage the test results of specific coding are easily accessed if they are launched from within the cloud rather than the user’s computer. Again, the data used is available to all team members.

If the team has trouble going through a specific workflow, a cloud-based helpdesk with enforced workflow capability ensures all team members are following the rules.

In addition to the previous benefits, there is no need to install an SaaS helpdesk system. The vendor providing the service installs, maintains, updates, and troubleshoots the system, lightening the load on your IT team.

There are downsides to the use of SaaS. The primary disadvantage is the lack of control over the service. If there is an outage, you must wait until the vendor is able to restore service. If data is lost, the vendor, perhaps working with you, has to try to find it. And if there is a security breach, well there’s a security breach.

It’s clear that the pros far outnumber the cons in the use of an SaaS helpdesk system, almost any SaaS helpdesk system. However, OneDesk maximizes the benefits with its SaaS helpdesk solutions.

What OneDesk brings to the table

OneDesk solutions offers you the capabilities you need in an effective helpdesk system. Our system does more than simply manage tickets. It allows the helpdesk lead to manage the team and their work load, to gather data about the ticket and to route the ticket to the correct person or team.

OneDesk also closes the loop on communications with the helpdesk customers. The integrated e-mail, messaging, and the ability to annotate tickets and the results, OneDesk keeps the technicians in touch with the customer, letting the customer know the status of their ticket. It can even allow the technicians to communicate with the developers for insight in to the software’s operation.

Bottom line: OneDesk involves the entire team from developers, to clients, to technicians.

Check out our website to learn more on how our product can help you, or book a demo with us here!

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