What is a sales database?

Sales people work in an extremely fast-paced environment. The busy nature of the sales industry requires a sales person to have access to certain information as soon as they need it. Any delay in getting the information they need can lead to the loss of a sale. As the sales industry is one of the most competitive one in the business world, a sales database can be a valuable asset to a company. A sales database is a system companies use to store information about their past, current, and future customers. This information includes contact information (addresses, phone numbers, emails), and personal notes regarding each customers’ preferences. A sales database can also be used to track potential clients and keep records of any correspondence that goes on between a company and their customers.

Benefits of a sales database

 is an alternative to the sales databaseBy keeping notes about their customers in a sales database, sales people can make a more personal meeting with a client, which helps them make the sale. A salesperson’s schedule is often hectic; a sales database allows one to stay organized as most of them have a allow you to schedule meetings and keep track of where you should be and at what time. Being able to keep track of customers allows a company to reach out to their customers when needed, and effectively sell their product. A sales database allows sales people to access the information they need to make the sale no matter where they are in the world.

Taking the sales database one step further with OneDesk

Instead of entering and keeping track of customer information, how about having customers submit the information themselves? OneDesk’s customer feedback application allows customers to submit feedback and vote on ideas to let the company know what they want. Using OneDesk’s social collaboration tools, sales people can engage in conversation with customers; any discussions they have with a customer is automatically saved, which allows them to refer to it anytime. OneDesk also comes with a personal calendar, which helps keeps you organized; it can even optionally be shared with the whole team.

OneDesk helps increase sales by helping companies listen to customers and find out exactly what they want. Once identified, companies can easily collaborate through, and keep customers updated on their feedback’s status and provide stellar customer experience.

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    No matter what level your sales are at, it is worth establishing a process of communication with customers right now. One of the world leaders in the development of CRM solutions based on cloud technologies is Salesforce, you can read more about best places for Salesforce certification here.

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