You can integrate your Salesforce with OneDesk

After setting up the Salesforce-to-OneDesk connector, salespeople can accomplish some very important use-cases:

  • They can capture customer feedback, ideas, bugs, and questions without leaving the Salesforce (SFDC) environment. Salesforce cases, opportunities, tasks, notes, and events can automatically create OneDesk tickets (or other items).
  • Inside OneDesk, issues can be resolved, questions get answered and ideas get transformed into tasks, requirements, or features.
  • As the status of the item is updated in OneDesk, that status is reflected in Salesforce, so the salesperson can keep the customer informed without leaving Salesforce.

Keep team members, business partners, and customers in the loop.

To configure your Salesforce integration in OneDesk:

  • Under your personal menu (upper left hand corner) select the administration menu
  • Click the “my integrations” option
  • Click on the Salesforce Integration document to view more information


Click here to learn more about our Salesforce-OneDesk integration.

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