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What is satisfaction management?

As organizations become more customer centric satisfaction management is a process that helps them to measure how well they deliver on customer requirements. Central to the idea of satisfaction management and its measurement is that strong customer relationships promote higher levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty. This in turn increases customer lifetime value which has a positive impact on market share, ROI, profitability.

The satisfaction management process provides data that is essential to making critical business decisions, such as:


  • What product and service issues are the most important to our customers?
  • How do we perform on these issues?
  • How do these issues impact current and future product development and service strategies?
  • How can we improve our understanding of the customer’s perspective?
  • How can we obtain actionable information that will help us achieve total customer satisfaction?
  • How can we obtain valuable insight into the marketplace and our competitive environment?


Companies have traditionally relied on customer satisfaction indexes and surveys to provide data regarding customer needs and satisfaction levels with products and services. Much of this data is static and does not reflect the changing needs of a dynamic marketplace. This type of data is insufficient when improvements or real changes need to be made to corporate strategy.

Satisfaction management in real-time with OneDesk

By eliminating the tactical challenges in traditional survey techniques, partners and employees can use constant detailed customer and employee feedback to manage decisions and drive strategic change.

OneDesk’s suite of social collaboration tools for customer satisfaction management:

  • Ensures data is captured in real time
  • Promotes strong team collaboration and facilitates the workflow across your organization


One of the most important elements of effective customer satisfaction management is the ability to address issues as they happen—in real time. OneDesk allows you to capture, track and manage satisfaction in real time. By continuously collecting and processing valuable customer insight you can better manage your product and service development process. This means issues are addressed quickly and efficiently.

Here are some examples of how the tools facilitate satisfaction management:

  • All ideas and suggestions that customers submit through email or the customer portal appear immediately
  • You receive immediate notifications of new tasks and requirements being created by team members inside and outside your organization
  • You can keep track of customer management by having instant access to your team members’ progress and view the status on a particular customer case
  • Get immediate notification when a “news item” is added by a team member

OneDesk lets you work in real-time
satisfaction management

Satisfaction management adaptable to your needs

The tools are highly adaptable and customizable to fit your business needs. It can be very cumbersome and costly to customize a customer satisfaction survey, tally and analyze the results. OneDesk’s tools allow easy and cost effective changes to be made as your needs evolve. For instance, if you require more information related to the functionality of a product or service then you can just poll your customer base to discover insight. In addition, when your organization is experiencing certain pain points use the different social collaboration tools to get to the root of the issues.

Satisfaction management should be a collaborative effort

Effective satisfaction management requires the participation and collaboration of partners, customers and employees. OneDesk helps connect all stakeholders to the development process by properly structuring the conversation to get work done. This means:

  • All members of the organization can collaborate in a project, to keep everyone ‘in the know’ about current projects and tasks
  • Users, such as, customers, partners and employees can participate in discussions regarding customer issues, project requirements and feedback to better manage customer satisfaction levels
  • Collaboration occurs in real-time so users can see where other users are currently working and initiate quick conversations to resolve questions or issues.

With OneDesk, you will increase collaboration between customers, partners and employees, structure the conversation and get work done. Try it now for free!

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