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Traditional scheduling software usually includes built-in leveling tools that enable you to re-distribute your assignments over time. OneDesk’s scheduling software is not only integrated with a full suite of product development tools but it also allows you to easily re-assign work from one resource to the next. OneDesk comes with an innovative assignment scheduler that allows you to view and schedule resource workload over time, and quickly drag and drop to level and re-assign.

Not just a scheduling software app

The assignment scheduler, enables you to access and schedule resource workload over time so you can get information related to what other project team members teammates are busy working on.

OneDesk’s assignment scheduler also allows you to:

  • Quickly and easily verify which resources are overloaded and what times, by displaying the lines of assignments distributed across the timeline.
  • Assign any unassigned tasks by dynamically dragging and dropping them to a new location or appropriate resource.
  • Simple drag and drop features enable you to assign or reschedule it to a later time.


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