While OneDesk is not specifically a Scrum or Agile tool, it was certainly designed with these development methodologies in mind.

How to Use OneDesk During All Stages of Scrum Development

Backlog refinement

  • Create a Project that only the contains the Requirements application.
  • Name the Project “Backlog.”
  • You may choose to rename the requirements application to “Stories.”


Sprint Planning

  • Create a Project and make sure it contains the Feedback, Ideas, Requirements and Issues/Tasks applications.
  • Name the Project “Sprint 1.”
  • Have your team enter feedback and ideas. Prioritize them, and create requirements from them.
  • Move the requirements to the Backlog, and create tasks from them.


Sprint retrospective meeting
During the sprint retrospective meeting, use OneDesk to go over what went well and could be improved in the next iteration.

  • Check the scheduling and budget tools to see if any overruns occurred.
  • Use the requirements analysis tool and see how many stories met your organization strategies.
  • Review all the tasks that were completed on time and the ones that were not.


By observing the common impediments, each iteration will be better than the previous one.

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