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The helpdesk world is now faced with so many great new functions like chatbots and live video conference. In a modern and technologically advancing world like this one, how much automation should a helpdesk have nowadays?

Helpdesk automation is an impressive feature provided by most enterprise-level helpdesks; however, most companies seldom take full advantage of these conditions.

The following are some of the benefits of having an automated helpdesk or some automated features to your existing helpdesk model.

Upholding Best Practices through an Automated helpdesk

Organizations seeking to give better and affordable helpdesk services have embraced “best practices” and guidelines which generally recommend automation features to lower need for workers. Automating a helpdesk to follow these best practices will considerably drive up the helpdesk’s efficiency and efficacy. An automated helpdesk can provide a predictable and consistent level of assistance, which is a plus for any business looking to level off their unknown factors like human error and time zone differences.

Reducing the incident response time through an automated helpdesk

Most service support organizations are analyzed by their incident response time. An automated help desk feature will no doubt significantly improve the incident response time, change requests, and problem resolution.

Automate your helpdesk to Improve Reporting Accuracy

One of the advantages of an automated helpdesk is improving on reporting accuracy; it enables the accurate capture of helpdesk statistics by getting rid of the different irregularities brought on by human error. Adding some automated helpdesk  features is an essential approach to allow helpdesk assistants to make precise responses and get better results.

Consistency while Reducing Call Volume or people interactions to the bare necessary minimum

An automated helpdesk will no doubt reduce your call volume or worker needs as it handles the more basic needs of the requester. It has also helped to provide a high degree of customer satisfaction in the past. Statistics have shown mostly positive results overall from some form of automation.

Automating your helpdesk is significantly more advantageous than not. It must be said, however, that it takes some form of thinking ahead and planning to achieve.

With the correct helpdesk tool, and the desire to give accurate and timely answers with practically zero human error, it will ease the work of the helpdesk employees and incorporate an environment of splendor.

In choosing to use the non automated helpdesk or the basic helpdesk, please consider what it is that you wish to automate. Helpdesks let you manage your customer queries in a centralized portal, and let you extract, report, create tasks, multi-channel supports for customers, manage Service Level Agreement, customized ticket templates, customizable ticket status options, public and private actions on ticket, product and inventory association, personalized ticket pages by customer, ticket deflection. All these features are very vital when choosing a helpdesk company, be they automated or not. Figure out your needs for automation before you settle.

In the end, the right amount of helpdesk automation depends on your business

Find the common ground that best fits your specific business needs and whether to go with a fully automated helpdesk or go with the basic, or non-automated, helpdesk. OneDesk has the ability to automate many aspects of your helpdesk with its own inbuilt functionalities. You can have auto-responses, auto-triage / grooming of the ticket flow, email integration, auto-assignment, and much more. Contact us today and be glad you did!

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