Social Business: All you need is love…and three other things

There are many definitions of social business floating around the web, but at the end of the day creating a social business consists of three core elements:


  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Integration


Once an organization has a solid understanding of these three elements, how they relate to one another and how they impact the bottom line, a business model can be put in place to enable these elements to successfully co-exist.

This week, we published two articles that directly highlight the important role that “social” plays in the product development process.

The first article in question, Product Management is Evolving – All Because of the Social Web! written by our very own Marketing Guru Kimberley Chan as she explores the relationship between product development and the impact that the social web has on customer engagement and the development of winning products and services.

The second article, Creating a Unified Product Development Process with OneDesk, is one that I wrote specifically for In it, I discuss social business today, and the importance of integration:

“The key to creating a social business is to be able to identify core business processes that can be tied together to create transparency, and open the lines of communication between customers, employees and business partners. Furthermore, designing your business model to be adaptable to changing dynamics and unexpected issues or problems that may arise throughout the course of product development can be challenging.”

Thanks to Michael Brito and Adrienne Tan for all their help.

Don’t forget to show your team some love. Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂

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