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Social businesses: Positioned for increased profitability

It is impossible these days to read a company’s blog without seeing the term social businesses. Changes in society and technology are providing opportunities for companies everywhere to become social businesses that interact with all the stakeholders in their marketplace to create and deliver profitable products and services. This movement of social businesses is growing in a BIG way, and will not slow down anytime soon!

The term ‘social businesses’ implies, from a corporate perspective, that an organization’s operation is highly focused on increasing customer engagement, workforce collaboration and partner involvement in the development process. The products and services of social businesses are designed through a process that emphasizes relationships and interaction. By connecting stakeholders and facilitating the conversations between them, customers, partners and employees can generate positive business outcomes beneficial to all.

Social businesses and social media

Social businesses understand the need for broader more meaningful networks of employees, customers and partners who are fully engaged in a collaborative process. By leveraging the power of social tools, social businesses create value because they engage their customers, foster a highly collaborative work approach amongst employees and build strong optimal partner relationships.

“The rise of the social web has taught us a lot about how we can significantly reduce the costs of collaboration and co-ordination inside businesses, and demonstrated the power of iterative, evolutionary processes driven by real-time data and user feedback.” – HeadShift Ltd, 2010

Social media monitoring is an effective tool that social businesses use to involve their customers in the product development process. Social businesses use all forms of social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, blogging communities, discussion forums and LinkedIn, to filter and track online communications. By listening and capturing popular online conversations they can get a pulse of what customers really think of their products and services. Social media monitoring can generate a wealth of research and actionable insight regarding market niche, industry trends and competitor activities. Successful social businesses are very adept at using this data to promote more inclusive interactions and create fluid organizational structures that can easily adapt to changing market needs and trends.

The shift from static communications to online interactive collaboration with stakeholders provides unlimited opportunities
for every type of business to increase its competitive edge and business growth. However, social businesses need simple and effective social tools that can integrate the social web with customer feedback and the product development process to help employees get organized and get on the same page.

Social businesses and OneDesk

OneDesk has the tools that will greatly improve your time to market, make your teams work smarter, and help your organization become one of the successful social businesses that responds effectively to social actionable data.

The Customer Portal/Feedback encourages strategic thinking. By incorporating the right elements into your business operations, you can encourage social interactions that have big impact on your bottom line.

The Collaboration tools for employees increase internal and external communications, participation and engagement which combine to continuously improve quality and results. These tools create transparency, community building and sharing on a wide scale.

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