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Understanding the social customer

“They are tweeting, liking, sharing, linking and checking-in–the social customer spends a lot of time plugged into the web, talking about a vast variety of products and services.”

The social customer can be found at the intersection social media, and technology and business.  The reality is, customers are no longer the social customerpassive and demand a more in- depth involvement in the innovation process.  They are out there on the social web tweeting, posting, liking, checking in, etc and it is the duty of an organization to make sure that they not only pay attention to them, but also incorporates their feedback into the product and service development process to affect real change. The Internet provides endless channels for customers to communicate what they like, love and dislike about new or existing products and services. Undoubtedly, this behavioural trend has dramatically transformed the relationship between customers and companies: As customers actively and voluntarily express their attitudes, beliefs and ideas, companies are looking for more effective ways to engage and leverage this insight to enhance product innovation.

Top six “social customer” blogs

Here are six blogs that help organizations gain a better understanding of the social customer and their impact on business processes:

  1. The Social Customer Manifesto
  2. The Social Customer
  3. Think Customers: The 1to1 Blog
  4. My Customer

Do you have any more blogs to add to this list? Please share them with us.

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