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Social Media and Customer Relationship Management

Social media can negatively or positively impact customer relationship management

Social media has quickly replaced traditional media as the primary source of information related to an organization’s brand. The endless amount of online communication channels available to customers has both positive and negative implications for proper customer relationship management. A key benefit of social media is that it gives organizations the opportunity to quickly and easily obtain feedback regarding a company’s current product development and marketing efforts. However, the negative side is that customers may share opinions that can be harmful to your organization’s reputation in the marketplace. The only way to manage both the pros and cons of social media is to build strong customer relationships founded on collaboration, trust and loyalty.

Build stronger customer relationships by giving your customer a voice

better customer relationshipsLeading companies in today’s marketplace stand out from their competitors because they understand the role that social media plays in creating long-term customer relationships. For example, in 2008, Starbucks incorporated a customer-centric approach into their product development process. They launched which encourages consumers to voice their opinions regarding current and future products through customer polls and customer suggestion forums. By putting the customer at the forefront of the decision-making process, Starbucks has set themselves apart from their competitors.


OneDesk: The right tools to improve your customer relationships

As more and more consumers turn to the web to express their ideas and opinions about different brands, organizations need to equip themselves with the right tool set to listen and respond to these online conversations. Does your company have the right strategy in place to effectively reach these individuals, build quality customer relationships and rise above the competition? OneDesk’s social collaboration software gives you the tool set that you need. Its customer portal allows customers to submit feedback and suggestions directly from your website. Collecting the right data from your customers in a timely manner will ensure your company’s product development initiatives are properly aligned with your customer’s expectations.

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