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Using Social software for business collaboration

Social software is increasingly being used by organizations of all sizes and industries, to help facilitate and promote collaboration and as a result, eliminate communication barriers and silos between suppliers, employees, business partners and customers.

Social software and enterprise 2.0: Whats the difference?

According to Wikipedia, Enterprise 2.0 is the use of “Web 2.0” technologies within an organization to enable or streamline business processes while enhancing collaboration. Social software is this web technology in question, that promotes an Enterprise 2.0 mindset and facilitates the collaboration between all stakeholders within an organization.

Are organizations using social software?

A recent study by Chess Media Group, State of Enterprise 2.0 Collaboration, explored the attitudes around enterprise 2.0 across organizations and the different methods that are currently being used to encourage business collaboration. The study is extensive and detailed but for the purpose of this post I will highlight a few key findings. I do however invite you to read the full report (registration may be required).

Participants in the survey were asked to identify the tools they are currently using within the organization to help promote collaboration. Findings revealed that the majority of participants used company blogs and full-featured social collaboration platforms. Microblogs (58%) also proved to be a popular tool. The findings also revealed that 51% used Forums as a collaboration tool.

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Image source: State of Enterprise 2.0 Collaboration 2011 Q2, Chess Media Group

OneDesk’s social software features cutting edge collaboration tools

Integrated into OneDesk’s suite of blended applications are social collaboration tools that facilitate communication between employees, business partners and customers.

These tools include:

    • Blogging
    • Individual or community discussion
    • Chat
    • Email
    • Real-time collaborative editing
    • Notifications and Updates

…and more.

Find out more about OneDesk’s social collaboration tools.

We want to know: What social software tools are currently being used within your organization?

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