Social technology: Impacting everything

social technologyIn today’s business age, social technology is changing the way businesses operate. The use of social technology changes the way companies collaborate internally, as well as externally. The impact that social technology has on brands and customers is causing many companies to reinvent customer and employee engagement, management strategies, customer service, and even the whole development process.

Some beneficial characteristics of social technology

Unstructured content The social media phenomenon is changing the way companies collaborate and share information. Traditional office documents and structured content are being replaced by more social mediums – collaboration tools that contain “unstructured” content. An example of unstructured content would be a discussion forum where customers can talk about a company’s brand. Unstructured content provides companies with more insight as to what customers want and gain innovative ideas.

Tied to the social web Social technology allows companies to engage with people outside the firm and build relationships with them. With social media being such a “hot” topic these days, companies can take advantage of using social technology to connect with customers on social channels like Facebook, Twitter and blogs to join conversations and manage relationships.

Real-time system Working with real-time capabilities allows business to be more interactive. Social technologies that have real-time capabilities have an easier time holding conversations with internal and external team members. Social media allows for real-time customer service and brand monitoring. Companies can immediately know if their projects are on track or not.

OneDesk: Social technology for every role

OneDesk helps companies interact and engage with team members whether they are in the same building or across the world. The built-in social collaboration tools and social media monitoring application allow companies build and strengthen relationships with employees, customers and partners, all in real-time. Try OneDesk for free today and make an impact on how your business operates.

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