In a previous post, our community manager Luke posted about software customization in OneDesk, namely about the forms configurabiliy, labels configurability, and types configurability options.

OneDesk allows for more software customization options. Here’s a rundown:

OneDesk software customization option #1: How to add your company logo

The first software customization option we’ll talk about is how to brand your organization’s account by adding your company logo for your users, customers and partners to see. Note that this is a Pro account feature. You can upgrade to Pro by clicking on Go Pro inside the application.

software customization

1. Go to users & settings. Note that this option is only available to those designated with an administrator role.

software customization

2. Select preferences from the left-hand sidebar.

software customization

3. Click on upload custom logo.

software customization

4. A window will appear, allowing you to browse for your image. Select the image you wish to upload, and click open.

OneDesk software customization option #2: How to set your privacy settings

Customize your OneDesk account and decide who can access information in your personal profile.

software customization
1. Go to your user profile

software customization
2. Click on the drop-down arrows next to each lock icon to control who can view them.

OneDesk software customization option #3: How to upload your profile picture

While we’re already in your profile, let’s talk about another software customization you can do from within: Uploading your profile picture.

Uploading a profile picture allows for a more “human” experience, especially when working with external team members and customers.

software customization
Simply click on upload image under the profile picture, and select an image from your hard drive.

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