At OneDesk, we understand that IT product management is a world of its own. Like any regular product management department, those who work in IT product management spend their days are responsible for a variety of things. They research and understand the market for their product, and of how customers use them. They have the ultimate say in the product decisions, thus, they work closely with every team member such engineers, developers, and business partners.

We recognize that IT product management distinct. In the IT world, many often confuse IT product management with IT service management. Products are made, while services are delivered. In an IT company, a mix of the two often occurs.

In his book, The Invisible Touch: The Four Keys to Modern Marketing author Harry Beckwith writes:

  • Products are made; services are delivered. Products are used; services are experienced.
  • Products possess physical characteristics we can evaluate before we buy; services do not even exist before we buy them.
  • Products are impersonal; services are personal. A service relationship touches our essence and reveals the people involved: provider and customer.


Using OneDesk for IT Product Management

OneDesk was designed by IT professionals, with input from many IT product management teams. It offers a wide array of features that would be useful for IT product management:

  • A suite of integrated applications and collaboration tools that allows you to connect employees, business partners and customers throughout the whole process.
  • A requirements management application that allows you to easily create, define, update, prioritize and analyse requirements.
  • A product roadmapping tool that allows for accurate analysis and estimates through visual product plans.
  • A release management application that allows IT product managers to track releases as they are being worked on and stay updated on scope creep and immediately identify schedule overruns.
  • The ability to choose the type of workflows that suits your organization’s needs.
  • Customizable workflow lifecycle statuses and automations.
  • And many more!


IT product management

Easily plan roadmaps and releases with OneDesk roadmapping application. Learn more about how OneDesk can be beneficial for IT product management.

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