“The best method of overcoming obstacles is the team method.”
– Colin L. Powell

There is no question that teamwork plays a big role in ensuring productivity and success in any situation, especially when it comes to corporate success.

In order to turn the workplace into a high-performance one, many organizations are finding new collaborative strategies to facilitate teamwork within the organization. This includes the implementation of software for teamwork.

Software for teamwork?

Yes, that’s right. Social collaboration software, a.k.a. software for teamwork, provides organizations with an effective means of assuring that the whole team is on the same page at all times, and that all projects get done on time.

OneDesk: Software for teamwork

OneDesk promotes teamwork as well as a solution for every role. Because OneDesk is comprised of different applications that are all integrated with each other, any role can use the software and be connected with each department.

Here is a demonstration of how employees from the marketing, customer support, product, and project management teams would use OneDesk.

We want to know: Do you use software for teamwork within your organization? Why, or why not?

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