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Feedback software – what is it?

Feedback software is used by companies to collect ideas, suggestions, and even issues from customers, though the web. In this technological age, companies are increasingly using feedback software in hopes of maximizing customer feedback, and trying to provide a better customer experience.

The different types feedback software

Feedback softwareMany people don’t realize that there are different types of feedback software. While the common goal of feedback software is to collect customer feedback, each one has a different approach to doing this. Some software simply act as a replacement for feedback surveys, that is, they are solely an online version of printed questionnaires. Some encourage user-driven support, where customers can communicate and give feedback on each other’s feedback; others only focus on collecting feedback from individual customers. Some feedback software can be integrated with an existing CRM system, and some can even be embedded in a website.

OneDesk: Unique feedback software

What exactly makes OneDesk unique feedback software?

  • OneDesk is easy-to-use.
  • It comes with a unique customer portal, through which customers can submit ideas and feedback.
  • It also allows you to publish polls to the customer portal; the customer community can then vote for the ideas they like best. This helps you pinpoint what your customers want.
  • The customer portal can be embedded in your company’s website.
  • Its social collaboration tools allow you to collaborate with customers and clarify any unclear feedback. It also allows for collaboration between employees and business partners, who often also have feedback about your product or service.
  • User-driven support is encouraged. Customers can discuss feedback amongst themselves, which gives your company greater insight as to what your customers want.
  • OneDesk allows you to turn feedback into actionable items. You can gather feedback and turn them into requirements, which you can then turn into tasks.
  • Once you have defined your tasks, easily assign them to the appropriate person to work on it.
  • With OneDesk, you can choose to keep your customers updated on their feedback’s status, so that they know whether you are working on it, or whether it has been resolved. This eliminates the burden of having to answer many customer emails or phone calls.
  • OneDesk integrates with existing CRM systems. You can even import MS Project files you are working on.

Using feedback software will make your customers feel more engaged, hence increasing customer loyalty and building a better business. Make the feedback gathering process easier for your company by trying OneDesk out for free today.

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