What's your role? Whether you are involved in the creation, design, engineering, management or support of a product, OneDesk has you covered. Built from the ground up to serve product people across functions and traditional silos OneDesk helps provide seamless, customer-centric collaboration, co-creation and management.

Engineering Management

Easily manage requirements, tasks and priorities, minimize costs and meet deadlines. Structure the conversation between team members and get work done.


Product Management

Connect customers, employees and partners to the product management and development processes. Make the right product decisions with objective data.


Customer Service Management

Automate and streamline your customer service to deliver high-quality support, reduce costs, and keep customers happy.


Innovation Management

Establish a winning ideation process, recognize valuable ideas and implement the best ones. Stand out by developing the products and services the market is looking for.


Project Management

Easily generate projects from requirements & feedback, encourage teamwork and collaborate with all stakeholders to ensure your projects are a success. Assign, schedule, and track tasks in real-time.