Project Management & Helpdesk Solutions

What's your role? Whether you are involved in the Professional Services, IT, Support, Engineering or other role, OneDesk has you covered. Built from the ground up to serve the project and support teams across functions and traditional silos, OneDesk helps provide seamless, customer-centric project management, helpdesk and collaboration, software.

Customer Service Management

Customer Service teams need a robust tool that allows them to make more customers happier with less resources. OneDesk enables that by providing the tools to automate and streamline your customer service and help you deliver high-quality support, reduce costs, and keep customers happy.


Project Management

The PMO Team needs the tools to plan projects effectively, track tasks easily, communicate smoothly and report on progress. OneDesk delivers on all these fronts by combining the best features of project management with real-time collaboration tools, that let’s the whole team focus on where the value is created – getting work done.


Engineering & IT Management

Engineering or IT teams have a broad set of responsibilities. They need to resolve issues and work on tickets, but they also have their own projects they need to get done. OneDesk provides a solution that lets Engineering and IT work on both tickets and projects from one application. Forget purchasing, learning, integrating and switching between multiple software solutions – just do it all inside OneDesk.


Product Management

The Product Management Team directs the future of the product or service, and communicates that vision to all stakeholders including customers, employees, and partners. OneDesk provides the tools to seek input from all stakeholders as well as communicate with them effectively. Make the right product decisions with objective data.


Innovation Management

Establish a winning ideation process, recognize valuable ideas and implement the best ones. Stand out by developing the products and services the market is looking for. OneDesk provides you the tools you need to collect feedback form customers, turn ideas into tasks, and innovate your business.