Customer Service Management

Customer Service Management Software

Automate and streamline your customer service management to deliver high-quality support, reduce costs and keep customers happy. Customer service can be a labor-intensive endeavor but is nonetheless required in order to retain customers and keep them happy. With customer support moving to the web, it is not enough for companies to simply respond to incoming inquiries. Increasingly, customers and prospects are getting their answers all over the web and via multiple new channels.

Customer Service Management presents many challenges including:

  • Training the support team to provide excellent customer service.
  • Keeping costs under control, even as resources are reduced and inquiries are ballooning.
  • Striving to reduce response time without sacrificing the quality of resolutions.
  • Effectively communicating customer concerns and requests to other departments in the company including sales, product management, and professional services.
  • Periodically evaluating customer satisfaction and implementing policies aimed at improving it.
  • Developing a knowledge-base that addresses the most frequent inquiries.


For companies that can meet these challenges, the benefits and opportunities are substantial:

  • Deliver higher quality support without increasing costs or hiring additional support team members.
  • Reduce response time and adhering to service-level agreements.
  • Test and evaluate support initiatives that lead to increased customer satisfaction.
  • Happy customers lead to repeat business, reducing sales costs and increasing revenue.
  • Loyal customers tell others, providing the cheapest, most effective form of marketing.

OneDesk provides the tools to overcome the challenges of customer service management. Here’s how:

  • Create and assign questions, tickets and tasks to your team members and manage the workflow in the service department.
  • Move customer support to the web and provide a community portal on your website where customers can submit inquiries and discuss resolutions.
  • Publish and categorize support articles so that customers can discover solutions to common problems on their own.
  • Automate the response cycle with a powerful and flexible automation engine that adheres to the rules and response templates of your business.
  • Forward customer emails or have customers send emails directly to your OneDesk account.
  • Allow customers to help each other by opening up discussion on questions and ideas. Then simply mark a response as “best answer”.
  • Link customer issues directly to requirements and tasks so that they are visible to departments other than customer service: Sales, marketing, product management and executives.

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