Engineering Management

Engineering management Software

IT and engineering management necessitates managing requirements, tasks, and priorities, while minimizing costs and meeting deadlines.

Often working with tight schedules, unclear requirements and limited resources, engineering managers are usually challenged with making the right decisions.

Common challenges in IT & engineering management include:

  • Generating task lists and ensuring that requirements get full coverage.
  • Planning, assigning and scheduling tasks.
  • Keeping a lid on “scope creep” and preventing project requirements from expanding after launch.
  • Managing customer or executive expectations so that results are delivered as expected, with no negative surprises.
  • Keeping team members happy and productive while ensuring that necessary work and reporting policies are respected.
  • Tracking schedules in real-time and determining if the project is on track or if adjustments need to be made. Identifying bottlenecks early enough to make a difference.
  • Keeping the schedule flexible enough to cover any unexpected technical difficulties.
  • Composing status reports and communicating them to all interested parties.

For companies that can meet these challenges, the benefits and opportunities are substantial:

  • Deliver your projects on time and within budget.
  • Happy customers and repeat business.
  • Controlled costs and higher profit margins.
  • Happier, more productive team members.
  • More effective communication between all departments.

OneDesk helps deal with the challenges of engineering management. Here’s how:

  • Generate requirements from customer feedback, ideas and support issues with a couple of clicks.
  • Easily generate development tasks from requirements. Link tasks to requirements, and ensure full traceability and coverage.
  • Provide transparency into the development process. Developers will not only know what they are working on, but why they are working on it.
  • Get answers in real-time. Centralized collaboration tools provide clear communication channels between team members and customers, while capturing the conversation for later reference.
  • Optionally generate projects from the bottom up; allow developers to enter subtasks and provide time estimates.
  • Schedule tasks over time using date and relationship constraints. Real-time CPM calculations lay out tasks on a Gantt chart.
  • Easily assign tasks to developers by drag and drop.
  • Optional worklogs make it easy for team members to report work and data is automatically added to the project.
  • Share projects beyond the boundaries of your organization with subcontractors, partners and customers, while still retaining full control and ownership of your data.
  • Much more!

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