Innovation Management

innovation management solution software

Establish a winning innovation management process, recognize valuable ideas and implement the best ones. Stand out by developing the products and services the market is looking for.

While innovation management varies widely from company to company, cutting-edge companies take the practice very seriously. Companies that stand out from their peers have processes in place to stimulate ideation, recognize valuable ideas, and implement those that will benefit the business.

There are several factors that can make this process challenging:

  • Innovative ideas can come from many sources. They are often unsolicited, and usually come in a very unstructured form.
  • Since they know best about the challenges they face, customers are a valuable source of innovation. However, it can be difficult to get them involved in the ideation and feedback process.
  • Determining which ideas are worth implementing is a difficult task.
  • Emerging trends can be tough to spot until the market has already altered course.
  • Even once good ideas have been identified, integrating them into the organization’s business methods and product development can be a daunting proposition.

For companies that can implement innovation management solutions, the benefits and opportunities are substantial:

  • Increased sales as products and services hit their targets more precisely.
  • Decreased costs as wasteful processes are streamlined.
  • Industry leadership and recognition.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.
  • Re-purposing valuable assets in new and profitable ways.
  • Faster time-to-market by removing communication blockages.

Software tools are an integral part of managing the flow, evaluation, selection and execution of innovation in an organization. OneDesk provides tools for innovation management:

  • Listen to customers, ask questions, and determine what customers really want.
  • Engage with employees, customers and partners by allowing them to suggest, vote on and discuss ideas.
  • Automatically connect innovation data to the development process by easily creating requirements and tasks.
  • Safely share and collaborate on data, even outside the organization with business partners.

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