Product Management

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Connect customers, employees and partners to the product management and development processes. Make the right product decisions with objective data.

Regardless of the industry, product managers are tasked with a wide variety of duties critical to the success of the business. Product managers must bridge the gap between technical and non-technical departments, and serve as the communication conduit between R&D and customer-facing employees.

Product management creates many challenges including:

  • Bridging the communication gap between technical and non-technical employees, partners, and customers.
  • Engaging with customers and translating their needs into product requirements.
  • Reaching out and understanding customers’ pain points and evaluating possible solutions.
  • Staying on top of market trends and the latest developments in the industry.
  • Making product decisions and feature trade-offs to determine which customer requirements to satisfy with limited resources.
  • Performing market research and introducing new products.

For companies that can meet these challenges, the benefits and opportunities are substantial:

  • Develop products that customers are looking for, that are receptive to the marketplace.
  • Maximize revenue and profit by developing products that the market is willing to pay for.
  • Align product requirements with the company’s strategic goals.
  • Lower costs by reducing costly customer visits, market research and consulting fees.

OneDesk provides solutions to the challenges of product management. Here’s how:

  • Enable customers, partners and employees to submit and share ideas, participate in discussions, vote on feedback and answer polls.
  • Get quick answers to critical product questions by querying all stakeholders for their opinion.
  • Quickly develop a product requirements document and connect it to your backlog of ideas, support cases, open questions and more.
  • Easily transform requirements into development tasks. Streamline the development of customer-driven products and get them to market faster.
  • Monitor the product development process, keep track of the team’s progress and take quick corrective action when required.
  • Keep the whole product team on the same page using collaboration tools, and structure the conversation between members.
  • Close the communication loop with customers by automating notifications of task completion or milestones reached.

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