We often get requests for small features that are not deal-breakers for our customers but would definitely make their lives easier. Individually they are not big enough to merit a blog post, but put them together and they make a lot of little differences. So every once in a while I will write a post that wraps up some of the smaller features of the last few releases.

This update covers the latest release (out today!) and a few of the releases prior.

Attachments on messages
You could always attach files to tickets, tasks and other items, and OneDesk also captures the attachments that you included in your emails. But a common request from our customers was to be able to capture and attach files from comments. These are displayed under the message both in the UI, in the chat app, and in email. Soon they will also be available in the mobile app too.

In-line images in messages
You can add images to your comments by pasting and drag-and-drop and they will be included in the comment. These images will be included in the body of the comment in the chat app (messenger), in email notifications, and in ticket/task conversations.

More dynamic searches
Now, in more places, we let you search in the drop-downs and combo-boxes to filter the list to what you are looking for. Use this for drop-downs for customers, users, projects and other places where the list may be long.

Delete users
Prior to this you could deactivate users, which generally worked fine, but did have the drawback that you could not add a new user with the same email address. While this should not be necessary because you could just re-activate them, feedback told us that users would prefer to delete them.

Re-sizable details popup
Now you can drag and drop to re-size the details popup. Useful if you have a small screen and lots of details and conversations on an item. Onedesk will remember the size you left it so you don’t have to re-size it every time.

Timezone for emailed comments
Since you can’t execute JavaScript in most email clients (for good reason!), there is no easy way to show a message’s timestamp in the local time. We now allow you to set the timezone for your organization and we will automatically convert to that timezone before sending out the email. The messages in the app will continue to show the time in your local time.

Date format, currency symbol
You can now choose your date format and currency symbol for your organization. It has the expected effect.

Custom fields in the projects grid
This has been a gap for a while. You could already add custom fields to your projects, but you could not add columns for these to the grid. Now you can. Don’t forget to save the view if you want OneDesk to remember that you want these always visible.

Follower ignore email-list
Found under ‘Administration > Email Settings’ -> You can add emails to a list of who should never be added as followers. This can help you prevent some email loops if people are CCing various addresses while responding. We automatically ignore the item creation email addresses XXX@XXX.onedesk.com

Adding followers or requesters by automation
We added an action under automations to add followers. these followers can be designated as requesters.

Import custom fields on users and customers.
Now you can import your users with custom field data.

Filter or group timesheets by customer-organization
Now you can group or filter your timesheets by customer organization, so you can easily see how much work you have done for each.

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