Happy Halloween!

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To celebrate the spookiest day of the year, we thought we’d share some scary business stats that we found floating around the web and have been haunting us.

These spine-chilling business stats have affected many businesses, causing downfalls in project management, product management, customer service, collaboration and even marketing.

This Halloween, beware of these haunting business stats.

43% of Americans categorize themselves as disorganized, and 21% have missed vital work deadlines. Nearly half say disorganization causes them to work late at least 2 or more times each week.

The average company loses 50% of its customers every 5 years… the cost of replacing them can be 6-7 times more expensive.

Executives waste six weeks per year searching for lost documents.

Executives waste 7.8 hours each week in meetings.

50% of small businesses with 20 to 99 employees say their biggest IT challenge is the integration of different applications and systems.

62 percent of adults worldwide use social media, yet only 25% of companies offer social business training to their employees.

For each month you let slip by without making some sort of contact with your customers/potential customers, your influence with that business is eroded 10%.

It only takes a 5% boost in your customers’ loyalty to drive an additional 20% to 80% into your bottom line. You won’t find many investments with that kind of return. Yet many firms choose to focus the majority of their efforts chasing new customers than cultivating relationships with existing ones.

We at OneDesk wish you a safe Halloween and hope your company doesn’t become a subject of these shiver-inducing stats! If you do feel like your company is slipping into a scary stat hole, we would be happy to give you any advice on avoiding them.

Do these business stats surprise you?

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