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When the project plan structure goes awry

It’s the day before your big product release, the team is both excited and exhausted. Everything seems to be on track until you discover a whole list of project issues that have yet to be resolved. Suddenly you’re thinking, Gasp! Now what? Who was in charge of this? Why were these not brought to my attention sooner? How do I explain this huge oversight to upper management?

Project Plan Structure: Asking the Right Questions

Creating a project plan structure involves asking and identifying specific questions about planning related to budget, resources, project deadlines, material resources, etc.

Depending on the nature of your project, you many need to ask other questions.

For example:
What do you start with?
What are the next steps?
What is your role in the development process?
Will you use the Agile or Scrum models?

In sum, you will need to explore these questions and factors to determine how you are going to organize yourself and your team.

With OneDesk, creating a project plan structure is a cinch. Once you have created a plan you can easily manage and assign tasks, and get the whole team “playing” to the beat of the same drum.

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