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The best thing your company can give customers is an excellent customer experience. To do this, you must know what would satisfy them. The most convenient way to find out what customers want to ask them. Feedback surveys, therefore, are essential to a business’ survival.

Conducting customer surveys using traditional feedback survey tools such as mail-in questionnaires can be challenging because, sometimes, not all the right questions have been asked and the customer’s needs can be unclear. Oftentimes, once the survey results come in, it can be challenging to keep track of them, and decide which ones to implement.

Creating polls to conduct feedback surveys with OneDesk.

OneDesk allows you to create polls for your customers to answer in order to help with your products / services development.

It’s easy to create polls in OneDesk. Here’s how:

feedback survey - creating polls part 1

  • Go to the Feedback tab in your project (1).
  • Go the Polls tab within (2).
  • Click on the Create a new poll button (3), which enables you to create a new poll.
  • Enter a poll question in the window that appears (4).
  • Click Create (5).


Now, enter the poll options which your customer can vote on:

feedback survey - creating polls part 2

  • Type the answer choices in the field under Enter answer choices (6).
  • Click add this choice (7).

You may add as many answer choices as you wish.

You can set an expiration date for your poll answers:

  • Go to the Poll Expiration box (8), and either select on and enter the date, or after and enter the number of votes.

You can also allow users to select more than one answer:

  • Place a check mark in the box next to Allow users to select multiple responses (9).

Finally, publish your poll (10). Your customers can now vote on this poll through the customer portal.

Clarifying feedback through discussion

One advantage of OneDesk is that customers do not need to wait for you to conduct a feedback survey to give their feedback; they can simply submit feedback anytime. Unlike the one-way traditional surveys, allows you to start discussions with your customers so you can understand what they want. Simply select the feedback and start a one-on-one discussion with the customer, or open up a community discussion to get input from the whole customer base.

feedback survey - starting discussions

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