Feedback systems increase profitability

Well managed customer relationships, timely focused communications and feedback systems combine to develop an acute understanding of customer needs. This in turn increases the potential for products to be profitable once introduced to the marketplace.

Feedback is crucial information that guides the actions of all stakeholders. A well designed feedback system ensures all participants—your customer, product experts or design and development teams—can exchange information necessary for achieving desired end results. By increasing awareness of the needs, concerns and actions of all participants, feedback systems improve performance at all levels of the organization.

Here are some of the benefits of a well functioning feedback system:

• Early and continuous involvement of teams made up of marketing, manufacturing, quality assurance, service support and design experts provides a multi-functional perspective to the product development cycle.

• Involvement of cross-functional expertise improves communications which reduce the product design iterations, production problems and costs.

• Improved communications increases empowerment of team members who are incited to take ownership of the product development process so that time-to-market cycles are reduced and budget objectives are met.

• Ownership ultimately increases improvements in the development process and in the quality of the products produced.

Combined, these benefits increase the probability of the marketplace success of the product and make feedback systems an important element in the building of competitive advantage.

Feedback systems management with OneDesk

Do you need a feedback system that helps your organization develop better products? Are you looking for an easy to use tool that improves the communication with your customers, facilitates the management of your team’s performance and links that performance to organizational goals? OneDesk’s suite of applications work together as an efficient feedback system that facilitates collaboration with your customers and your entire organization.

OneDesk’s sophisticated feedback system allows you to keep your customers, partners and employees actively involved in all the stages of the product development process. A range of applications and tools lets you collect, manage and act on customer feedback through customer portals where customers can discuss and vote on ideas and suggestions. You can also embed a feedback application directly into your website where customers, partners and employees can quickly share their ideas. All of these tools provide you and your company with relevant data that is critical within the product development process. Through this identification of requirements, you can then assign tasks related to these ideas and collaboratively work towards the end goal- building exceptional products and services that satisfy the market’s needs.

The customer portal is an integral component of the feedback system
feedback systems

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