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Customer Service – 3 simple rules to fulfill your obligations

Customer service – 3 simple rules to fulfil your obligations Product planning and implementation can be a haze of deadlines, bottom lines and targets. It’s often too easy to lose sight of the customer, but customer centricity should always be … Continue Reading

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Exceptional Customer Service: OneDesk & LiveChat

“The customer is always king. In a short period of time we have moved from a culture that focused on the past, then focused on the future and now focuses on the present.” – Roy Goffer, nanoRep By now, you … Continue Reading


Customer service trends for 2013: Revisited

4 customer service trends for 2013 At the beginning of this year, business analysts and marketing professionals made their best predictions of customer service trends for 2013. Now that we are fast approaching this year’s end (shocking, isn’t it?), let … Continue Reading