difference between product management and prodcut marketing

The difference between Product Management and Product Marketing

The difference between Product Management and Product Marketing If you are a software professional or just starting out in the industry, you have most likely come across designations like Product manager, Product Marketing manager, Product Owner, Business Analyst etc. Given … Continue Reading

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How to be a great product manager

“[The PM] is the key to success or failure. They can single handedly ruin a project.” Do you know how to be a great product manager? Though there have been countless articles written on this topic, in reality, there is … Continue Reading

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New product launch plan: 4 tips

Executing a new product launch plan Here are a few key points to incorporate into your new product launch plan: 1. Have a detailed plan and strategy. Think about which channels you will use to market and sell your new … Continue Reading

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Product Launching Process Tips

There are many things that make a product successful. The quality of the product, customer demand, and market position are all things that every company knows they should focus on in order for their product to be successful. One thing … Continue Reading